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Be flood ready

For many Queenslanders, heavy rain events and flooding are a part of life, especially in summer. While the rain can be a welcome sight for some, it can also be the cause of flooding and concern for others.

It is important we are ready this storm and cyclone season. What can you do to protect your property and be prepared? Where might flood waters come from? How do you stay informed?

Be dam savvy

Dams are a great asset within many of our communities. They irrigate our crops, keep industry moving and give us the water we drink. They provide water security and can be a great place to relax and have fun too!

But we need to make sure we understand how they operate in a major weather event. All dams are designed to hold and safely pass excess volumes of water during periods of extreme rainfall. During these times, they can be blamed for flooding within communities, or expected to hold all flood waters — this can be both an inaccurate and unsafe assumption.

Get your catchment

Each catchment is different depending on the lay of the land. Some catchments are smaller and have lots of hills or mountains and others are large and flat with wide floodplains. So it’s really important to understand where you live within your catchment and where water flows, especially if you live near a water course or on or near the floodplain!

Within Queensland, there are 23 major catchment areas — do you live in one?

Community toolkit

Eddie and the Be Rain Ready team are keen to ensure as many people as possible know as much as they can about dams, catchments and planning for the wet season. To help with this, a range of tools are available for use by local councils, community organisations, schools or individuals.

Feel free to share these on your social media accounts — or with anyone, really!